About us

About us

About Miami Shores Pain Relief Center

Since 1999 we have been helping folks find pain relief in the Miami Shores area and beyond


Established in 1994

Dr. Ruben Moss DC. is the director of Miami Shores Pain Relief Center. He graduated from Life Chiropractic College in June of 1989. He worked in Jacksonville, Florida for five years before moving to Miami and opening up his own practice in 1994. Dr. Moss has had amazing results from patients suffering from headaches, neck and back conditions, and many other conditions. Thousands have found his care to be very effective. Dr. Moss currently lives with his wife and two daughters as well as his pets in North Miami.


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When I first came to Miami Shores Pain Relief Center, I was experiencing headaches on a constant basis. I also have suffered from
Fernando Sanchez
Dr. Moss is amazing!!! He made my back feel brand new! Very open & friendly which made the initial awkwardness of a first

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